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An original Rare South African 1 Sheet Poster for the 1963 James B. Clark dolphin underwater swimming family adventure thriller - "'Flipper' the fabulous dolphin"; "You'll have to see it to believe it!"; "Attack of the man eating sharks!"; "Battling the Awesome Hurricane!"; "Fishing for their dinners - together!"; "Story by Ricou Browning and Jack Cowden"; "Screen Play by Arthur Weiss")

Film Category: Action / Adventure

Actor / Actresses: Chuck Connors, Luke Halpin (billed as "introducing Luke Halpin"), Mitzie (in the title role as "Flipper" [the dolphin]), Kathleen Maguire, Connie Scott, Jane Rose, Joe Higgins, and Robertson White

Poster Type: South Africa 1 Sheet 40 " x 30"

Condition: Fine Folded Condition, silkscreen

Artist: Reynold Brown

Year: 1963

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