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An original US 1 Sheet for the 1969 Luchino Visconti Italian/Swiss/German bizarre Nazi World War II military romantic gay homosexual cross-dressing drama - "He was soon to become the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany."; "Their Finest Hour..."; "History called it 'The Night of the Long Knives'. It was an orgy of the damned."; "In the year 1933, this was 'The First Family' of the new Germany. In their faces and deeds, the complete degeneracy of the era."; "Germany, 1933. The power behind the flower of German manhood."; showing the decadence of the Nazis)

Film Category: Drama

Actor / Actresses: Dirk Bogarde, Ingrid Thulin, Helmut Griem, Helmut Berger, Renaud Verley, Umberto Orsini, Albrecht Schoenhals, Rene Koldehoff, Florinda Bolkan

Poster Type: Spanish 1 Sheet 27.5 x 39.25"

Condition: Fine folded condition

Year: 1969

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