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An original Rare UK Quad poster for the 1974 Miklós Jancsó Hungarian Drama ELEKTREIA (BELOVED ELECTRA) (SZERELMEM, ELEKTRA), based on the play by László Gyurkó.

The poster art is by Peter Strausfeld. Strausfeld was interned in the Isle of Man at the Onchan Internment Camp during the War where he met the Austrian producer George Hoellering. In 1947 Hoellering opened the Academy Cinema on Oxford Street and invited Strausfeld to produce some posters for the cinema which he did in wood and lino-cuts till his death in 1980.

The posters became a London landmark, in fact very few were used outside of London, resulting in very small print runs of 3-500.

Film Category: Darma

Actor / Actresses: 
Poster Type: UK Quad (30" x 40", 76cm x 102cm)
Poster Artist: Peter Strausfeld
Condition: Very Good Condition, minor repaired tear in top border
Year: 1974

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