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Hope and Glory

Hope and Glory


An original "Country of Origin" UK Quad poster for the the 1987 John (nominated for the Best Director Academy Award for this film) English World War II comedy drama - "A celebration of family. A vision of love. A memoir of war. All through the eyes of a child."; "LONDON... 1939. Despair... joy... pain... love... but above all... Hope and Glory"; "A story of ordinary people in extraordinary times!!"; nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award)

Film Category: War / Drama

Actor / Actresses: Sarah Miles, David Hayman, Derrick O'Connor, Susan Wooldridge, Sammi Davis, Ian Bannen, Sebastian Rice Edwards ("as Bill"), and Amelda Brown (in the title role as Glory)

Poster Type: UK Quad 30 x 40"

Condition: Fine Folded Condition, some wear

Year: 1987

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