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Original Rare UK Promo brochure for the 1922 Norval MacGregor silent romantic society drama. A Story of Love and Adventure Adapted from Maud Woodruff Newell's novel 'Her Unknown Knight', a convoluted story of a woman whose husband deserted her, and she goes to live at a health spa to find a rich husband, but her husband who deserted her shows up to ruin her plans. Neva Gerber appeared in several one-reelers. Beginning in 1917, she starred in multiple serial films, and she is considered one of the top ten "serial queens" of the silent film period.

Film Category: Drama

Actor / Actresses: Neva Gerber, Jack Dougherty, Golda Madden, Douglas Gerrard, Ashton Dearholt, Helen Gilmore

Poster Type: UK Promo Brochure 10 x 6", 12 pages

Condition: Very Good / Fine
Year: 1922

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