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Lady and the Tramp


This is the original 1980 re-issue Australian 1 Sheet Poster for the classic 1955 Clyde Geronimi & Wilfred Jackson Walt Disney animated animation romantic canine dog musical cartoon - "...and NOW his Happiest Motion Picture!"; "This is a motion picture dedicated to the heroes and heroines of a world you always hoped did exist but never knew for sure"; "Introducing the happiest new screen personalities in a dog's age in an adventure set to music and never ending laughter..."; "Singing and bringing their wonderful story to the CinemaScope Screen wrapped in a Technicolor rainbow of sheer entertainment"

This poster features the classic spaghetti scene from the film, which was not pictured on any of the original release posters!

Film Category: Animation

Actor / Actresses: the voices of Peggy Lee, Barbara Luddy (in the title role as Lady), Larry Roberts (in the title role as Tramp), Bill Thompson, Bill Baucom, and Stan Freberg

Poster Type: Australian 1 Sheet 27" x 40"

Condition: Fine Folded condition

Year: R1980

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