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Pinocchio In Outer Space

Pinocchio In Outer Space


Original US 1 Sheet Poster for the 1965 Ray Goossens U.S./Belgian animated cartoon science fiction action adventure - "The all-new out-of-this-world adventures of the world's most beloved boy!"; "All New full-length cartoon feature in Color!"; "All the beloved characters of one of the world's most beloved stories!"; "Based on the original idea by Norm Prescott"; "From the original tale by Collodi"; about Pinocchio fighting a giant space-whale that eats satellites


Film Category: Science Fiction

Actor / Actresses: featuring the voices of Arnold Stang "Featuring the voice of Arnold Stang as Nurtle the Turtle!"), Peter Lazer, Conrad Jameson, Jess Cain, Mavis Mims, and Cliff Owens

Poster Type: US 1 Sheet Poster, 27 x 41"

Condition: Fine Folded Condition, pinholes and minor paper loss in corners

Year: 1965

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