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Santo En El Tesoro De Dracula

Santo En El Tesoro De Dracula


An original French Grande Affiche (released in the U.S. in 1969 as "Santo and Dracula's  Treasure"), the 1969 Rene Cardona Mexican masked wrestler luchador monster horror adventure thriller (about time travel, a secret treasure and Dracula's army of vampire women)
Category: Horror

Actor / Actresses: Santo (in the title role), Aldo Monti (in the title role as Dracula), Noelia Noel, Roberto G. Rivera, Carlos Agosti, Alberto Rojas, and Pili Gonzalez

Poster Type: French Grande Affiche 43 x 57" 
Condition: Fine Folded Condition

Artist: Constantine Belinsky

Year: 1969

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