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The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker

The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker


An original Rare Australian 1 Sheet poster for the 1959 Henry Levin  Pennsylvania bigamy family comedy ("He had two wives and led two lives... He's the best dad two families ever had - at the same time!"; "Based on the play by Liam O'Brien"; a true story of a man who commuted between Philadelphia and Harrisburg, and had a wife and eight children in one city, and another wife and nine children in the other!

Film Category: Comedy

Actor / Actresses: Clifton Webb (in the title role as Mr. Horace Pennypacker),Dorothy McGuire, Charles Coburn, Jill St. John, Ron Ely, Ray Stricklyn

Poster Type: Australian 1 Sheet, 27 x 40"

Condition: Fine folded condition, some wear and repairs

Year: 1959

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