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An original french movie poster for the Luis Bunuel/ Salvador Dali classic, from first release in 1968. The poster perfectly reflects the essence of the film. Note that, although this classic short movie was made in France in 1928, it was never officially released there at that time, and there are no French posters from 1928, due to its very controversial images. Finally, in 1968, it was given a release in France, and this poster was the one created for that first French 1968 release! Also note that this is a "country of origin" poster for this French movie!

Film Category: World Cinema

Actor / Actresses: Salvador Dali, Pierre Batcheff, Simone Mareuil, Luis Bunuel, Robert Hommet, and Fano Messan.

Poster Type: French 31.25 x 47.25"

Condition: Fine folded condition

Year: 1968

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