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Welcome to Vertigo Posters!

Cead Mile Failte which is Irish for a hundred thousand welcomes!

My name is Noel Devereux and I have been collecting original vintage movie posters for over 20 years and more recently Limited Edition Prints.

The thrill of searching for a particular poster because I like the movie or the artwork of the poster has always attracted me to collecting these great items. Owning a vintage poster is like owning a piece of history that sometimes brings me back in time to the memory of when I went to see the movie in the cinema.

My collection includes a vast array of genres and artists who at the the time of creating their posters did not get any recognition for their work, artists like Tom Chantrell, Brian Bysouth, Vic Fair to name a few in the UK and Reynold Brown, Drew Struzan, Richard Amsel and many more.

Recently I have been very interested in the Limited Edition Prints initially created by Mondo for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, with artists such as Martin Ansin, Tyler Stout, and Olly Moss. The have become highly popular and collectable in their own right and other artists and galleries have copied the idea and have created a new avenue for lovers of cinema to enjoy the memory of the movie.

I hope you enjoy my first collection I have on display in my website and rest assured I will be adding more items as I go along.