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Original Belgian poster for the 1955 Lewis Allen crime film noir - "He never pulls a job but he peddles legal loopholes- He never pulls a trigger but he takes care of the hood who does - He beats any rap - till the day he raps on the door of a blonde called 'Angel' O'Hara!"; "Dramatic Bombshell!"; "The 'fixer' took care of everything!"; "He was a guy who marked 100 men for death - until a blonde called 'Angel' O'Hara marked him for life!"

Film Category: Film Noir / Crime

Actor / Actresses: Edward G. Robinson & Jayne Mansfield!

Poster Type: Belgian Poster 21.25 x 13.75"

Condition: Fine Folded condition, paper loss top border, strip along bottom border

Year: 1955

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