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Sweet Suzy

Sweet Suzy


1973 Russ Meyer sexploitation adventure thriller ("...she ain't no lady!"; "The enforcers! they ruled an island with their whips ...and their bodies!"; story of a slave revolt on a 19th century Caribbean island). Note that Russ Meyer was a master of promotion, and would continually "re-present" his movies under new titles with entirely new poster art, and often fool theater owners into showing the same movie more than once (and also trick moviegoers into paying to see the same movie twice, which would understandably make them angry!). This movie started out as "Blacksnake!", and then was also released under the following titles (all in the same year!): "Black Snake: The Whip", "Dutchess of Doom", "Slaves", and "Sweet Suzy"!

Poster is in Fine condition.

Film Category: Sexploitation / Adventure
Actor / Actresses: Anouska Hempel, David Warbeck, Percy Herbert, Milton McCollin, Thomas Baptiste, Bernard Boston, Vikki Richards, Jean Durand, Dave Prowse, Bob Minor, Bloke Modisane, and Anthony Sharp

Poster Type: US 1 Sheet 27" x 41"

Condition: Fine
Year: 1973

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