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The Man With The Golden Gun

The Man With The Golden Gun


Original US 1 Sheet "Teaser" poster for the 1974 Guy Hamilton English James Bond 007 secret agent spy espionage fantasy action adventure thriller - "The world's greatest villains tried to kill James Bond"; "Now it's Scaramanga's turn to try"; "Dr. No. He couldn't kill Bond with a cyanide cigarette and the world's largest tarantula"; "Rosa Kleb. She couldn't kill Bond with an assassin trained from birth."; "Goldfinger and Odd Job. They couldn't split Bond in half with a laser beam or with the world's deadliest hat."; "Blofeld. He tried to kill Bond with a deadly virus and ten of the most beautiful women in the world."; "A Christmas Present from James Bond"; "A solid gold fountain pen that screws into the body of a gold cigarette lighter. A gold cigarette that is snapped into place from a handle. A solid gold cuff link that becomes the trigger. A single gold bullet that is placed in the chamber."; "The barrel of the gun a solid gold fountain pen"; "The hammer and bullet chamber: a solid gold cigarette lighter"; "The magazine hand grip: A solid gold cigarette case"; "The trigger: A solid gold cuff link"; "The man with the golden gun is ready to assassinate James Bond"; based on the novels by Ian Fleming).

Note that this is an advance one-sheet (note the "For Christmas - 1974" at the bottom of the poster and the prominence of the "golden gun" on the poster, squeezing the title and Moore's Bond image into the bottom 1/3 of the poster). Also note that this is a teaser one-sheet (note the complete lack of credits on the poster).

Film Category: James Bond
Actor / Actresses: Roger Moore, Christopher Lee
Poster Type: US 1 Sheet Poster , 27 x 41"

Condition: Fine Folded Condition
Artist: Robert McGinnis

Year: 1974

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