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Original US 1 Sheet Poster for the 1973 John Milius gangster crime thriller - "He was the best damn bank robber in the whole wide world!"; "Nobody did it like Dillinger... He was the gangster's gangster!"; "This is John Herbert Dillinger...the gangster's gangster!"; "This is Billy Frechette...from the Chippewa Reservation. She loved him."; "This is Anna Sage...ex-hooker, 'The Lady in Red' who betrayed him."; "and this is Melvin Purvis...the G-man who hunted him down."

Film Category: Crime

Actor / Actresses: Warren Oates, Michelle Phillips

Poster Type: US 1 Sheet Poster, 27 x 41"

Condition: Fine Folded condition, some wear to folds and waiving to border area

Year: 1973

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