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An original UK Lobby Card Set of 8 cards for the 1961 Sidney Hayers English gangster mafia mob crime thriller - "From Stakeout... To Hideout... This Had To Be The Perfect Crime!"; "The 'big kill' job that even shocked the underworld!"; "The go-for-broke gang that the cops couldn't trap... till a revenge-possessed woman laid a plot of her own!"; "'They killed one man too many... hers!'"; "The go-for-broke gang in the 'perfect crime' of the century!"; "The 'big kill' job that even shocked the underworld! Point-blank suspense when a ruthless woman plots a deadly double-cross!")

Film Category: Crime / Thriller

Actor / Actresses: Michael Craig, Francoise Prevost

Poster Type: UK Lobby Card set of 8 cards, 11 x 14", one pictured

Condition: Very Fine Condition

Year: 1962

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